Arnaud Friedmann

																Arnaud Friedmann, © Sophie Bassouls © Sophie Bassouls

Arnaud Friedmann was born on July 17, 1973, in Besançon. Between two stays in Italy, it is in this city that he did a literary preparation, before continuing his studies of contemporary history. His master’s thesis deals with Cambodian immigration in the 1970s and 1980s: he later drew inspiration from interviews with refugees to compose the children’s novel, Le trésor de Sunthy (published by Lucca).
Anxious to acquire professional experience in “real life” in parallel with his passion for writing, he passed administrative exams and successively worked as an employment counselor in the Yonne, director of an ANPE agency and then of a Maison de l’emploi in the Vosges, before returning to his native town as a parliamentary attaché and then as the head of partnership relations at the Pôle Emploi Bourgogne Franche Comté (Burgundy Franche Comté Employment Cluster).
From his experience in the civil service, he draws a collection of short stories, La vie secrète du fonctionnaire (JC Lattès editions, Prix Louis Pergaud 2016).
With a bookseller friend, he takes over in September 2018 the oldest bookshop in Besançon (created in 1973), Les Sandales d’Empédocle.

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																Arnaud Friedmann, © Sophie Bassouls © Sophie Bassouls