Patrick Autréaux

Patrick Autréaux, © Han Lei 2019 © Han Lei 2019

Patrick Autréaux was born in 1968.
While studying medicine and anthropology, he wrote poetry and contemporary art criticism. He collaborates on several catalogues of abstract geometric art collections (museums of Cambrai, Mâcon and Cateau-Cambrésis). He decides to stop his practice of emergency psychiatry in 2006.
After a triptych on the experience of illness, In the Valley of Tears (UIT Books), Heal (Gallimard) and Survive (Verdier), he published a novel, The Irregulars (Gallimard) and a work of theatre, The Great Living (Verdier), which premiered in 2015 at the Avignon Festival. Published in 2017, his story The Written Voice (Verdier) traces a path between medicine and literature. A stage adaptation of his story Inside of Things was premiered at La rose des vents (Villeneuve d’Asq) in October 2017.
He has been awarded the Villa Yourcenar (2011), the CNL (2010 and 2017), the Paris-Québec scholarship (2012), the Prix Amic de l’Académie française (2012), as well as the Fondation des Treilles author’s residency award (2015) and the Coupleux-Lassalle award (2016).
Author in residence at Boston University in 2018 and 2019, and visiting scholar at MIT in 2018, he created the seminar Through a writer’s eye.
With the publication of the American translation of In the Valley of Tears (UIT Books, 2019), When the Word Waits for the Night (Verdier, 2019) inaugurates a new cycle in his work (selection for the December and Femina prizes).
He lives between Paris and Cambridge (MA, USA).
His next novel, Pussyboy, will be published in March 2021 by Verdier Editions.

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Patrick Autréaux, © Han Lei 2019 © Han Lei 2019